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Important Dates

September 15, 2017: Gold Standard of Excellence Award Entry Deadline

  • Design Award entries must be in by Friday, September 15, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. central time and payment must be received at that time.
  • The MidWest APSP Chapter will acknowledge that your entry has been received by an automatic e-mail response.

December, 2017: Award Presentations

  • Award winning projects will be announced on our website and social media outlets.
  • Award plaques will be sent to all award winners.

Entry Rules and Regulations

Each design award entry must contain the following:

  • Current MidWest APSP Chapter Member
  • Project built to APSP / ANSI Standards
  • Construction must have been completed after January 1, 2016
  • Pictures must be uploaded to verify and how the details of your project.
  • Images may not be cosmetically enhanced or altered.
  • No images, phone numbers or text identifying the submitting company are allowed on submitted photos or videos.

Entry Fees

  • Gold Standard of Excellence Pool & Spa Awards: $85 per project submission. $10 discount each for 6 or more submissions entered at the same time.


For entries to be considered by the judges, they must meet the following criteria:

Limitations/Hold Harmless

By virtue of making an application, all entrants agree to observe completely and recognize that the Gold Standard of Excellence Award Competition is essentially an aesthetic and technical competition, and agree that the APSP Midwest Chapter will make no assertion or indicate that design soundness or safety considerations in the competition are evaluated in any manner.

Your APSP Midwest Chapter makes no affirmations or certifications nor does it render any option with respect to the design soundness or safety of any entries or award winners, nor as to whether any entry or award-winning installation conforms in any respect with any APSP or ANSI standard or any other applicable government code or regulation.  All entrants recognize that the only affirmations of compliance with any standard, code or regulations are those made by entrants themselves, and entrants or winners will make no representations to the contrary.

By virtue of making application, all entrants agree to waive any right of action against APSP, and your APSP Midwest Chapter, for any loss that might be related directly to participation in the Gold Standard of Excellence Award, or denial thereof.  Further, entrants agree to hold APSP and your APSP Midwest Chapter harmless as to any loss that might be related directly to participation in the competition, or denial thereof.