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The APSP Midwest Chapter's Gold Standard of Excellence Awards are based a set of guidelines that were designed in an effort to provide some insight into a project having been built to certain standards and construction practices, as well as being a professional looking and aethetically pleasing project. Our goal is to provide a contest that allows a well-built $50,000 project to have the same chance for an award as a project that cost $250,000, and to have some assurance that the project is a little more than just a pretty picture.

The judging panel is made up of industry professionals and/or representatives from related fields such as architecture and landscape design. The goal of the APSP Midwest Chapter is to have judges from other regions rate the projects in anonymous ways so as to help alleviate potential bias.  In either case, the judges do NOT know the names of entrants, as all entries are identified only by number, and judges are not judging a pool professional from their own local area.

If you would like to know more about the judging criteria, what to submit for pictures and more, visit our APSP Midwest Chapter website at www.APSPMidwest.org.